Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Check This Out!!!

Jinx Remover Fashion Show!!!!

The kind folks at Tokyo Blue hosted a fashion show featuring some of Jinx Remover's new shirts. It was a pretty interesting night... To check out the rest of the pics here:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sounds better then it looks...

Big write up on Further Seems Forever in the most recent issue of Alternative Press on reuniting after 10 years. Hopefully the picture of Jinx Remover's "Beat to Death" doesnt distract you to much!

Bits & Pieces....

Heres a few odds and ends from the past year or so.

The "Snake Oil" screens outside drying and while Squeegee keeps an eye on them.

22 inches wide X 30 inches tall
3 color hand pulled screen print on wood.

32 inches wide X 20 inches tall
2 color hand pulled screen print on wood.
5 different color comobs printed.

"Fat Elvis"
13 inches wide X 31 inches tall
2 color handed pulled screen print on wood stained with Black waterbase ink.
only 2 printed with different color combos

24 inches wide X 32 inches tall
2 color hand pulled screen print on wood.
5 different color combos.

Each frame is 18 inches wide by 18 inches tall 4 frames total.
4 color handed pulled screen print with a blend print.

2 printed in different color combos white canvas & natural canvas.

"Big Pus"
18 inches wide X 28 inches tall.
5 color hand pulled screen print on canvas.
only 1 available.

Road Trippin'

Did some road trippin' the other weekend up to the center of Florida! Now I know it sounds a little strange at first, like "Hey! What to go to the center of Florida?" But believe it or not it was a very good time. Saw some old country, wild animals, and made some memories.


PRINT, CUT, & STICK, PRINT, CUT, & STICK, PRINT, CUT, & you should get the idea by now.


Swarm 5 came and gone just like in a blink of an eye. It was nice having the guys from Grimm Image come out for the event! "'The Wheel of Millionaires" makes a return and was a smashing hit of the night, with prizes that ranged from tattoos to books on tape... You never know what you'll win with the "The Wheel of Millionaries". Pus on top of all the other great fun going on Oleander & Mint creaters came out to show off some new stories as well. It was a good time for all!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Shirts Are Finally In!!!

Added two new shirts to the webstore!

"Snake Oil" printed on American Apparel with Discharge Inks.

"Beat To Death" also printed on American Apparel with Waterbase Ink.

Radical Face 'Welcome Home'

I got a chance to check out Radical Face live a few months ago, and I'm so glad I got the chance an amazing musician/song writer.



Did another Artheart event, good turn and a good time as always. Did a limited edition shirt just for the event! "SPRING BREAK" was the title of the design sold a good amount that night, as well showing off some new t-shirt designs as well.

ARTHEART 1-29-11

Heres a few pictures from Artheart. Printed aot of shirts and raised a good amount of money for the choosen charity, unveiled a new shirt for the event "Beat To Death" to learn more about Artheart check them out on the World Wide Web: