Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hemingway, bikes, veggie burgers, dogs, and beer tour of Key West.

Even Spotted a BLS sticker at Mile Marker 0.

Odds & Ends of Summer Bits.

Summer on the Sun.

You would think getting up and on the beach at 6am sounds pretty sweet? But have you ever spent a summer in South Florida??? Don't let idea of South Beach with hot chicks and celebrities fool you, its hot as Hell and Humidity is the Devil!!! But the sun rises are nice and peacefull and when you volunter to make sure the Sea Turtles find there way home its kinda worth it.

Got to catch an intimate set from Band of Horses in a small venue with a good spot to watch from a good spot, it kinda felt like I was floating during the show maybe it was the pot cookies but they really put on a good and sounded beyond what I exepcted!!!

Summer Project: Printed up (12) Snake Oil Posters 24"x31"
3 color hand pulled screen printed posters

The Summer of Geroge!!!

Wanted to start the summer off right by attending America's favorite pass time... To bad no one else in Miami feels the same way! Looking forward to bike rides to the beach and the time change is always nice to get more time at the dog park.